1. S M T W T F S 



  3. Nuneaton

    July 2014


  4. Peckham

    June 2014


  5. if-you-leave:


    We’re giving away 2 stacks* of this superb selection of publications (+totes) by the jury of the IYL Showcase in promotion of our Kickstarter campaign!

    The If You Leave Photography Competition is free from submission fees and thus solely depending on your support!! http://kck.st/1hOmPxd

    How this works..

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    So get involved to win this awesome collection and support up and coming talent in the process!!

    The IYL Showcase is still open for submissions until July 8th.

    (*free delivery worldwide)
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  7. Weston Super Mare

    June 2014


  8. Modern Baseball - The Weekend

    Continuing the theme of summery *fun* music video’s as inspiration. 

    I got this record today and it is great. The fact this band look like they should be in Superbad only makes me like them more.


  9. A sneak peak at the wonderful Ouvert Magazine, Issue 1 that I had the pleasure of designing a few weeks ago. 

    Ouvert is an indépendant fashion magazine which focuses on affordable and attainable high end fashion and will hopefully be available online in the near future.






  13. My work featured on Dazed Digital back in March, as part of the Young Blood • Old Shot exhibition at London’s, Doomed Gallery.



  14. Little shot of the matchstick Tee I designed for Indie band Only Shadows.
    Their music has been on Hollyoaks. wait, what?

    Pick it up here : http://onlyshadowsuk.bigcartel.com

    Photo - Jo Stansfield


  15. Absolutely In love with this Song & Video.

    Tilly and the Wall - Beat Control